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    Britain’s Broken Families

    1x 50 Off The Fence for BBC1 2012/13

    Sole Producer/Director/Camera

    An enlightening documentary entering into the world of Newcastle’s most troubled families. Following the work of the Family Intervention Project who have the responsibility of transforming the lives of the most challenging and disruptive families.

    Wild Case Files

    2×60 Tigress for National Geographic 2011/2012

    Edit Producer

    Investigating extraordinary stories from the natural world. Utilising interviews, dramatic reconstructions and archive to reveal the full stories behind mysterious global events.

    The Croc Man

    4×60 Tigress for Channel 5 2011

    Series Director and Camera

    Shaun Foggett sold his small family home to chase his dream. Building Britain’s first Crocodile Centre to house his 27 crocs. The series follows his struggle to persuade others of his vision. Travelling with him around Europe in his pursuit of more species, and also witnessing the risks he takes on a daily basis to care for his killer crocs.

    Murder Casebook

    8×60 Talent Television for C&I/The History Channel 2010/11

    Series Producer

    A presenter led 21st century re-examination of historical crimes that shocked Britain. The series contains a creative mixture
    of archive, interview and reconstruction to recount each crime. Utilising modern techniques such as Criminology and Forensic Science to understand the motive, method and impact the crimes had then and even now…

    Diet or My Husband Dies 

    1×50 BBC Bristol for BBC1 2010

    Sole Producer/Director/Camera

    Following 19 stone Samantha Lamb’s battle to lose weight so she can donate one of her kidneys to her critically ill husband. Produced over 8 months, a close relationship with the family allowed me to be on hand to capture Sam and her family’s emotional journey. Also gaining crucial access to the sensitive medical discussions and procedures that were undertaken.


    Hannah Jones: The Girl Who Said No To A New Heart 

    1×60  BBC Bristol for BBC1 2009

    Sole Producer/Director/Camera

    A challenging documentary following terminally ill 13yr old Hannah Jones who gained the World’s attention when she controversially refused a heart transplant. A year of filming allowed a bond of trust to build between Hannah and myself as she conveyed her side of the story. Knowing she could die at any time, we gradually saw a young girl change her mind.


    Michaela Strachan’s Zoo Babies 

    1×60 IWC for Channel 5 plus 6×30 cutdowns   2008


    Capturing nature at its most vulnerable stage of life. I recorded two world firsts by filming the birth of a common marmoset and also the  first weaning of a hand reared Aye Aye. Also gaining privileged access at Bristol Zoo to film their baby gorilla being removed from the group for a checkup. 



    6×30 BBC Bristol for BBC2 2007/2008

    Series Director

    Delia Smith, Britain’s most iconic Cook returned to television after a five-year absence, with a series mixing cooking and observational insight. Responsible for “reinventing” Delia the ratings peaked at 4.1 million.


    It’s A Mad World 

    1×40 BBC Bristol for BBC1  2006/2007

    Sole Producer/Director/Camera

    A one off documentary in conjunction with Comic Relief following the lives of a group of individuals trying to live every day lives despite their serious mental health conditions.


    Skint (Series2) 

    6×30 BBC Bristol for BBC1 2005/2006


    Returning to Britain’s poorest communities, Skint 2 continued to track the lives of people living on the breadline. Gaining access to people at their most desperate, trying to survive in 21st Century Britain.


    Le Salvager 

    12×30 Attaboy TV for Discovery Home and Leisure 2005

    Series Director/Camera

    A presenter led 12 part factual entertainment series. Salvager, Rico Daniels moves to France where he searches the scrap yards to find disused items that he can transform into interesting and unique furniture.



    8×30 BBC Bristol for BBC1 2004/2005


    The critically acclaimed documentary series following the day to day lives and experiences of people who are refused credit, and survive in Britain’s cash economy. Working in Britains poorest communities I discovered and built relationships with Skint’s main characters and played a major role in developing the programmes style.


    Danger On The Beach (Series1 – Seaside Rescue) 

    8×30 BBC Bristol for BBC1 2003/2004


    A primetime eight part series focusing on the rescue teams working on Britain’s coastlines. Originally set with the task of following the Coastguard over a summer I expanded the brief by introducing the work of the lifeboat volunteers and lifeguards. The series attracted an audience of over 5 million viewers and is now in its sixth series.


    Wheeler Dealers 

    16×30 (Series 1) Attaboy TV for Discovery Home & Leisure 2003

    Series Director/Camera

    Two presenters attempt to buy, restore and sell classic cars in what’s become Discovery H&L’s most popular returnable series. A tight schedule required on the spot scripting as well as spontaneous and creative directing.    


    City Hospital 

    Topical Television for BBC1 2003 & 2005

    DV Director

    A series of quick turn around inserts which focussed on the brave and traumatic stories of patients at St Thomas’s Hospital, for BBC1’s popular Daytime series.


    The Man Who Draws Women 

    1×30 Topical Television for Meridian Broadcasting 2002

    Sole Producer/Director/Camera

    An Arts documentary, examining the work of Britains leading Couture Artist. Despite working on my own to a tiny budget I secured interviews and observational insight into the lives of Joan Collins and Supermodel Erin O’Connor.


    Monkey Business 

    40×30 & 5×60 Granada for ITV1 and Animal Planet 1998-2002


    This “Monkey Soap” documentary series is a worldwide hit and one of Animal Planets most successful exports. Over four series I was involved in the style and all round production of the programme, travelling extensively through Europe and Asia as a one-man crew filming primate rescues and exposing animal cruelty.



    16×60 Planet 24 for ITV 2000

    Mini-Cam Operator

    ITV1’s first big budget Reality Game Show based in Borneo. Part of a 100 strong crew, I was responsible for mini-cam operations on the programmes major set pieces, such as their beach games and Tribal council. 


    The Frame/Sounds from the Orient 

    1×30 Meridian Broadcasting 2000 

    Sole Producer/Director/Camera

    Travelling through China I single-handedly recorded the experiences of a British Youth orchestra as they toured China and explored an unknown culture.


    That’s Esther 

    12×60 United for ITV Network 1998-1999

    Location Director

    Presented by Esther Rantzen, That’s Esther was ITV’s leading social affairs programme. I researched and directed an array of films for thirteen one-hour ITV Network programmes. Each film focused on people trying to make a difference in their community.


    Three Minutes for Meridian Broadcasting 1996-1998

    Location Director/DV Director

    A multi stranded Social Action programme transmitted four evenings a week throughout the Meridian Region. These short programmes allowed people in the community the opportunity to talk about health and social issues. It also profiled people with interesting and bizarre collections and hobbies.

    Technical Skills

    I have extensive worldwide shooting experience with all formats of camera, as well as a variety of Mini Cams. Also FCP proficient.



    Julian Mercer – Executive Producer BBC Bristol

    Kath Moore – Executive Producer Tigress Productions

    Christopher Hutchins – Series Producer BBC Bristol

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