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  • Character Portraits

    As a film maker I have been lucky enough to meet some extraordinary people.
    Each person is unique and so is their story. My ambition is to capture the drama and humour that is found in everyday life. Below are a series of clips that I hope illustrates the trust that my contributors bestow upon me and how willing they are to share their lives on camera.

    Dave Pearce is a schizophrenic who’s afraid of people. Amazingly he trusted me enough to talk about his mental health issues.

    David Pearce – It’s A Mad World from martin hicks on Vimeo.

    Untitled from martin hicks on Vimeo.

    Big Issue Seller Vernon Burgess became a local celebrity after being discovered on Skint

    Skint Series1 from martin hicks on Vimeo.

    Tony Clemente had been a victim of domestic violence and was struggling to cope.

    Tony Breaks Down – Skint from martin hicks on Vimeo.

    Shaun Foggett is the Croc Man. Selling his house, he was determined to open Britain’s first Crocodile Zoo

    Samantha Lamb was determined to lose weight so she could give one of her kidneys to her husband and save his life. Even though her husband Andy was reluctant for Sam to put her life on the line for him

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